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And all this before you even get to mention how theists minds are de facto dogma filled throughout most of humanity, trained to look at non believers in its rubbish as if they are in fact sinners and spend all their time mulling over sinful indulgences whilst they ought to be to be working really hard to please their puppet - god. This ipso facto mindset of the brow beaten believer is a double edged sword for them, since they run a rod of hatred-fiction over others and brow beat themselves and their own to boot.

It's this polluted mindset that is the real elephant in the room , absent any argument about god existing or not.

If there is no god at all it's exactly the same as if there is one as far as humanity is concerned since there is NO intervening or weekly update about how successive generations are doing - exactly as if none existed!

Humans are so anxious and desperate that they cling to cherry picked age old myths from amongst the many littered throughout our history as if in some way their choice is unique and everyone else is too stupid to know better. They totally miss the point that everyone who does this is STUPID (and too cruel by default for imposing it) - end of story!

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