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Kirk, an atheist in the Star Trek universe (as Shatner is in real life) asks, and rightly so, "What does God need with a starship?"....

I'm delighted to find out that Bill Shatner is an atheist, but as for James T Kirk, I remember an episode of Star Trek (the original series) where some alien or other wants the Enterprise crew to worship him and his buddies as gods. Kirk's response is along the lines of, 'We only have need of the one god.' (I can't remember the exact words.)

Something must have happened to him, probably around the same time his hair turned curly, to make him into an atheist.

Also glad to know Bill Shatner is an atheist. There's a later scene, on the forward deck, where the three of them are discussing the event and Kirk comments that god is "in here," and points to his chest. Either that was a way of saying that people make gods, or it was the script writers' way of throwing a bone to the "god is love/nature/universe/etc" sort of crowd.

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