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In that sense, we're not banished from the "garden", but consigned to the garden made fruitful by physical properties of matter and energy through natural selection, and by our own understanding and design, as we continue our journey back to the stars from whence we came.

That's all the possibility I need to be content.

It's these types of artificial placebo (garden of Eden etc.) that warrant serious challenge when speaking with theists. They regularly get away with arguing about the authenticity of scrolls or artifacts or locations as if in some way these point to undeniable proof that their 'moral codes' are verified as coming from beyond the stars. No amount of the kinds of evidence they seek to assert can undo the wildly missing knowledge foisted on millions, by de facto denying them access to it, throughout history respecting this information they proclaim. Any equitable god worth its salt would ensure ALL had lovingly been instructed in its ways (and language), rather than the thousands of other myths that did so.

This get out clause of god chose the holy to know its ways and the sinful to be ignorant of it really is pushing the boundaries of narcissistic personality disorders to extremities. All myths could claim the same!!

It's only when humans learn they come from an ancestry obsessed with myth that they will ever begin to undo the damage that tortures humans worldwide everyday.

Whatever you think your god is, it is a myth of your mind and no more. If it is a reassuring emotion then fine, but as soon as you begin to script its thoughts as if universal facts for everyones attention, you are in the realms of mental disorders and drug linked trances of your ancestors.

Huh? Are you explaining the psychology behind and troubles brought on by mythic symbolism as relates to dealing with the faith-heads who take them literally, or are you castigating me for my use of the metaphorical "garden" in my statement?

If the first, sure. I concur with the gist of your assessment.

If the latter, well...There's nothing wrong with me using that metaphor to get my point across when my point has nothing to do with belief in the actual myth, but rather using it as a metaphor for the natural state of things humanity finds itself in. The earth is a "garden" within the jungle of possibility the universe represents. That garden is indeed made fruitful by the physical laws of the universe through natural selection and recently by human understanding, ingenuity and design.

That is all I meant by using the metaphor.

And if I must believe in a "god", that god is reason, and as Thomas Paine said, "my own mind is my church". It isn't much of a "god" by "godly" standards. But it is the only one I'll ever know, or have any hope of ever knowing. ;-}

Drug linked trances? What's wrong with drug linked trances?! I've had some spectacular times in their grips! And as for my ancestors.....despite their many flaws, they wouldn't be contemplating electing an idiot like Rick Perry to their highest office. They'd be putting that charlatan in the wicker man to recycle his avatar. I admit that idea carries a certain........charm for me. ;-D

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