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Not surprised....the post Vatican II council will not correct them.

And seeing as this reformist updating of church doctrine was only performed in the early 60's of the last century...then obviously they all take serious note of science and its advances over the last 150 years....NOT! They only grudgingly payed lip service to Galileo in the 80's...never actually apologist though...just mumbled about it being Galileo's fault really...but they were a little harsh but that was then anyway...blah blah bunkum took them damn near 20 odd years in inquiry into the affair to cook up that vat of stinking codswollop.

As for evolution...well the RCC tend to go the populist route when the odds are overwhelming ...but in a very understated way...and with grumpy resentment and many caveats! They have not quite got there yet contrary to most folks naivety that claim a modern church.

Thanks to his intuition as a brilliant physicist and by relying on different arguments, Galileo, who practically invented the experimental method, understood why only the sun could function as the centre of the world, as it was then known, that is to say, as a planetary system. The error of the theologians of the time, when they maintained the centrality of the Earth, was to think that our understanding of the physical world's structure was, in some way, imposed by the literal sense of Sacred Scripture....

—Pope John Paul II, L'Osservatore Romano N. 44 (1264) - November 4, 1992

But Ratty is having none of it and seems to subscribe to the view by Paul Karl Feyerabend ...

The Church at the time of Galileo kept much more closely to reason than did Galileo himself, and she took into consideration the ethical and social consequences of Galileo's teaching too. Her verdict against Galileo was rational and just, and the revision of this verdict can be justified only on the grounds of what is politically opportune

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