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Don't get carried away - this is a lunatic fringe and even most theists will run away from them. We won't do ourselves any favors by mocking them. Remember, the theists already accuse us of ad hominem attacks.


Well then if I am already being accused of ad hominem attacks I might as well be shot as a sheep than a lamb, no?

There are apologists on other threads at the moment arguing that the religious are not insane or delusional in believing in talking snakes, donkeys and bushes, virgin births, zombie outings, big boats full of every species, global floods, etc., etc., so here in this article we have another example of the very same madness. It is no different to the rest of the barking mad religious woo woo, flying horses, trillion year old universes, secret temple underwear, it's all bollocks and I for one will mock anyone who seriously believes it is not. For far too long we have been doing ourselves no favours by saying nothing, keeping schtum, being "civil" about how batshit crazy belief in these things really is, and it's only religion that get's such keep her lit ya religious morons, it makes the ridicule all that much easier when ya'll do the donkey work for me.

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