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Comment 13 by Premiseless :

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Huh? Are you explaining the psychology behind and troubles brought on by mythic symbolism as relates to dealing with the faith-heads who take them literally, or are you castigating me for my use of the metaphorical "garden" in my statement?

If the first, sure. I concur with the gist of your assessment.

That'd be right for sure!

Nice science of the garden you have there.

I'm blazing a trail for peoples insane canyon jumping from:

1) a god may exist to knowing what it thinks.

2)hysteria about places, artefacts, scrolls existing to therefore this is a universal god.

I just used your 'garden' as a catalyst, apologies for any unintended ambiguities.

Ah. Gotcha. Thanks. :-)

Hehehe. Science of the garden. Nice.

I don't know about all that, but.....I may have a few "holy" artifacts and scrolls to unload for the right price, if you know anyone in the market.

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