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The specifics of climate change are very complicated that have to be simulated through a supercomputer. However, the choices are very simple.
Do something about it, or dont...thats it.

We already know that CO2 causes global warming and thus climate change, and we know that humans put an enormous amount of it into the atmosphere. And we know that we have to do something... These things are not debated among credible climatologist.

It is true, we dont know EVERYTHING, about anything, and there is some doubts about a few specifics regarding climate change, but to use such things to propagate inaction is careless at best. So yes, I call these people deniers, because that is exactly what they are. They deny the truth of reality,the results of climate change are all around us, and something has to be done. Inaction is not a logical, nor viable choice.

To insinuate that "denier" is an insult is akin to demanding "respect" for religion.

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