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While I have no doubts as to the informativeness and exellence of the content of his new book, I personally think the Prof should have written this under a pen name, as having his name emblazoned on the cover will likely ensure it does not get to anyone who might really benefit from reading it. Definitely, it shall be much enjoyed and appreciated by the converted audience and their offspring, but had it been written by Mr. Bob Johnson, the book could have ended up in the hands of a kid of Christian/Muslim/Zoroastrian parents, and might give them some food for thought quite different from what they had been hearing previously.

That might be a bit too underhanded and sneaky, though. After all, atheists are never happy to find religious motivations concealed in seemingly innocuous places, so it seems hypocritical to do the same to them.

Wed, 31 Aug 2011 21:58:22 UTC | #866068