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I disagree with those who have been suggesting that Richard should use a pen name:

  • A book written by Richard Dawkins will get a lot more publicity, wider circulation and a bigger audience and than one written by Mr Bob Johnson.
  • People who read this book will probably be interested in seeking out more books by the same author, and that will make them discover Dawkins' other books.
  • If the book is successful people would soon what the know who was hiding behind the pseudonym, and since Richard has long been saying that he wanted to write a book for children, and described what it should be about, it wouldn't take long before Mr Johnson's real identity was known. Think about what sort of criticism that might lead to.
  • I don't think Richard should adopt the tactics of the ID movement, by sailing under false colours. I think it would be a fundamental mistake to use disguise or dishonest methods when promoting reason and science.
  • Fundamentalist would probably not let their children read the book anyway.
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