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← New study disputes notion that men are better at spatial thinking than women

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Ok... Do I believe a woman can be as good at spatial awareness as a man, yes I do.

Given that the capacity is obviously there, then if any small differences even exist, they are indeed small and can be overcome by education in any case. I won't justify that statement, because I shouldn't bloody well need to. It is 2011, not 1911, for gods sake.

I also know men who are useless at spatial tasks. Do I think that says something about men? It's the usual fallacy. Some people who are different to us are crap at something so some of us extrapolate that to all of them. When one of us does the same, some of us think it's just that particular person who is rubbish at it. Nice to see some people generalising.

Maybe we could also chuck in the studies about lesbians being better drivers because they think like men. Oh, sorry that would be offensive, quasi scientific and mildly bigoted about a group of people we don't belong to. Oh... Er...hang on.

Are men and women the same? No. But that is irrelevant. This is about mental skills which are learned. I don't accept that women are automatically superior communicators than I am, so why would I accept that they are automatically inferior spatially in some way?

Are women intellectually equivalent when given similar opportunity? yes...This is clearly so, if you actually bother to look for it, and only someone with a thinly disguised or sublimated mysogyny believes otherwise.

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