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Yes, I hear we atheist are obsessed with this issue. Of course I hear that from faith heads. One Charlotte Allen writes in this vein in the op ed pages of the Albuquerque Journal.The usual defense of Perry, Bachmann and Palin by telling us it is the liberals who are painting these people as theocrats. A red herring if I have ever heard one. Concerned people may be liberal in political view, but I doubt there concern stems from their liberalism. These theocrats mentioned above hoist themselves onto their own petards of theocracy and need no help from anyone. She finishes with an admonition to the liberal not to seek a vast christain dominion conspiracy, so they can be taken seriously . And don't throw theocracy around ever time the GOP threatens to win an election. ( that is rich! ) Then the liberals are accused of being just like John Birchers! Almost make one want to find common cause with Californian girly-man liberals. Almost. I do not need to be allied with liberals or liberal ideas to see the attempts at sanitizing Perry et al by a fellow traveler of a chtistain as deluded as Perry et al. I could be a dyed in the wool republican and see this play coming.

Charlotte Allen. Author of ' The Human Christ: The Search For The Historical Jesus '

More voices need to be raised in protest, not just voices such as Faircloth's and liberal voices. This is a problem that effects all political stripes and the GOP must know that shooting themselves in the foot with these losers could retire the Grand Old Party for good.

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