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The main problem I encountered was that I couldn't figure out how to honestly answer some questions. What they ask is not necessarily what they meant to ask, I think. Giving either a "strongly agree" or "strongly disagree" answer to a given question would make some inferences easy to make.

Example: they asked if I had a core of beliefs, ethics, or values that give me a sense of purpose. My answer to this is "strongly disagree," because I don't think that my beliefs/ethics/values (as those are usually meant in such contexts) contribute to my sense of purpose. But does saying "disagree" imply that I don't have beliefs/ethics/values? Don't have a sense of purpose? Both? All I mean is that the two are not connected.

In the health section, they ask about whether my health has affected how I work, live, socialize, etc. My health is good, so I've had no detrimental effects. But, in the last week (the time frame they asked about), I went to a bdsm club for a severe beating. Thus, I had "extreme pain" in the last week, but not that interfered with my activities. How do I honestly answer them?

I much prefer essay questions, though I know essays render data collection difficult or impossible.

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