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Comment 8 by Rawhard Dickins

Why "purpose, purpose, purpose"

Because the overwhelming mantra from religious dingbats is that without their sky daddy life has no meaning or purpose. That seems to be the reason detre of jeebus drooling inc...Purpose! It is what the ID clowns parrot on every structure they mangle by the claim it has ...Purpose!

I am not military so did not post just read the questions.

They seemed skewed to getting a result in favor of religio mumbo a scale...even slightly persuaded by esoteric memes such a Gaia or even a slightest of suspicion of a 'spiritual world' would no doubt be ticked off as religious sentiment...and dropped in the box marked Xian! Not overtly but by stealth and sowing slight confusion into the question flow.... So a nod to even the fantasy genre of the wise elf and the connection with the 'spirit' of the world would no doubt be classed as spiritual and by default xian!

And several questions were a reinforcement buttress to a previous question...of you answered vaguely connected to humanity then later you get another similar inquiry...and that means most folks would try for consistency and answer in the positive...

Some testing and polling get exactly what the questioner...or the authority behind the questioner....want.

Comment 7 by pain.strumpet

Mentions the same ambiguity I found.

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