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Uh oh. We'd better keep these photos away from the religious nutters who see the Virgin Mary in every grilled cheese sandwich. I'm a strong atheist (7 on the Dawkins scale), and I just examined the three images with my squinting, middle aged eyes. I didn't see car pileups on the highway. No, each of these amazing photo is dripping with Christian iconography and heavyhanded symbolism. Let's explore the triptych.

In Image 1, note the two fleshy little angles (putti) floating in the lower right hand corner, the white Christian dove of peace with an enormous wingspan hovering in the midsection, and at the very top the twin images of the face of Christ, one shortly before death and the other as The Baby Jesus.

In Image 2, we see an impressionistic rendering of the central region of the central region of Michaelangelo's Sistine Chapel. The head of a white haired, bearded God floats in the center of the clamshell, much as it does in the original. The little jet of light that emerges at the top suggests the outstretched finger of God touching the hand of Adam.

Image 3 is another rendering of the finger of God touching the hand of Adam, only in this case the hand on the left has morphed into the surrealistic sole of a foot a la Salvador Dali. Perhaps this is the very same foot that Jesus once washed!

I can see that I'm getting a bit carried away here, so I'm going to go off and have my lunch -- what else, a grilled cheese sandwich.

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