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comment 6 by Daniel Cabral

Nothing comes from nothing. Since the universe is something it must come from something. What does atheism propose, what does atheism say caused the universe? As a Christ follower I agree with the cosmological argument that God caused the universe into existence. Afterall He is timeless, with limitless power.

Have you ever met a person who is timeless and with limitless power? It's a bit of an extrapolation to assume that such a person can exist, when we only have experience of those who are relatively powerless and short-lived. It makes as little sense as to assume that there is some kind of cosmic cat who lives forever. Perhaps the point of this universe was to create mice, not us!

As for being timeless, that's also kind of difficult, because timeless things (whatever that means) can't cause anything, because 'cause' only makes sense in the context of time.

A belief in god does not work because it involves putting together words into statements that either have no meaning or are logically impossible, such as the idea of a timeless being doing anything at all.

It's really worth looking at the language of your faith, to see how much of it fails to make sense in this sort of way. It can be really quite illuminating!

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