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Comment 16 by Stevehill :

I filled in the civilian version and said I'd be happy to do a follow-up in 6 months.

If "we" don't join in and answer accurately, they'll get a self-selecting skewed response from faithheads.

BTW, they are very relaxed about non-US responses.

Give them the benefit of the doubt: it might be some serious, worthwhile research.

You cant get any meaningful data from such a test. The questions are so cryptic, that their meaning varies wildly from person to person. It is so obviously biased that its ludicrous.

To me it seemed the test was asking for, "The meaning of life", and you had to chose from1-5. 1 being god . . . 5 being, I have no clue, do I even have a pulse atm? Maybe I am an immoral atheist and this is hell!!

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