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I was interested to see what this test looked like, so I promptly agreed to take the test. I was a bit annoyed as i realized that i simply could not answer any of the questions posed to me.

The reason for this is simply that i cant answer a question like: "Do you feel connected to humans and other living things on the earth?" without context and reference. (I made up this particular question, but it closely resembles one of them.)

On one hand, if the context is in a theological sense, I´d have to say no. I don´t feel some spiritual, or in most cases even emotional, connection to beings and other objects in the world around me.

On the other hand, I do know that we are all connected through what we call "life". Not, as I have said, in some supernatural way, but due to the fact that the one thing we do share is that we are alive, and atleast I personally value my life very much.

We also share a connection due to natural prossesees. One thing that connects us is that we for millions and millions of years have survived due to our parents naturally honed skills to survive, and probably a bit of old fashioned portion of good luck, and thus gives us through evolution a family bond as we get closer and closer to our common ancestors.

In light of this, I simply cannot just simply say that "This is a bit like me" in respect to the question, as if i do, I would lie just as much as i told the truth.

Oh, and I do apologize for my bad language skills. I´m a tad out of practice.


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