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Comment 6 by Steve Zara :

A successful fightback is unlikely. The reason is simple. Their position is based on lies, whereas the position of Richard and others is based on truth, truth which is now accepted by an increasing majority of people in the UK.

There is a reason behind that reason. Religions really have 2 processes (or sets of techniques):

  1. There is a process sufficient to convert a child, although typically not an aware adult, to believe. It probably works best for the under 10s.

  2. There is a process (or set of them) to periodically reinforce belief "1". Daily prayers, weekly services, annual holidays, etc.

What they don't have are processes sufficient to convert a typical adult. They need to start with bums on school seats, then ensure that even after school society continues the reinforcement.

That is where your point comes into play: "2" is not being sustained. The process of secularisation is hard to reverse when there aren't sufficient people to continue periodic reinforcement. I don't actually think it even needs people like Richard anymore - a population of apatheists would also fail to continue the reinforcement.

I suspect they are deluded about the nature of the problem. Secularistion was in progress last century. It has been estimated that the degree of religiosity was halving every 2 generations: Secularization: In Defence of an Unfashionable Theory; Steve Bruce

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