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I found this beautifully illustrated quote that said essentially "What you don't understand, you can make mean anything." (Chuck Palahniuk?) I thought what a horrible quote. Unfortunately, I think most people function this way. If someone tells half story, most people will assume just about anything whether it is true or not. If someone gives them the story to believe, they'll buy that also.

The article uses the example of flu vaccines, but I think this is pervasive in every area of our lives. Make a random comment about someone to family or friends and watch how quickly they will jump to believe your perception even if it is not true. Belittle or exalt someone and see how your comment influences their view. Try also to make a comment that is untrue about yourself - say your so sloppy - and watch how quickly they will jump onto calling you sloppy. This is the type of stuff that ruins reputations and creates misunderstanding. The authors are seeing this in terms of science, but it needs to be examined as a core human problem.

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