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Re Comment 11 by BanJoIvie. My compliment also, a good contribution.

Who knows what else is going on in the universe! Gods? I don’t think so. Gods are human inventions to explain natural events. Only gods could provide proof of their existence. I spent most of my life applying my mind to earning a living and bringing up a family. Now I realise that religions and politicians and business and commercials and TV and the newsmedia and entertainment thrive on the masses’s craving for fairytales. The average human does not bother with the total picture, simply follows a leader. Forget about Gods.

Let’s look at the night sky, by eye, through binoculars, a telescope, the space-exploring craft and Hubble’s pictures. It has hit me that the sky is littered with visible matter; the more powerful the scope the more stars one sees. We can only guess whatever else there might be. The further out we go, the larger the universe appears to be. It occurred to me to look also into the opposite direction, through a magnifying glass, microscope, electron microscope, particle splitters, smaller and smaller. Then the question arises where does it end? I can visualise doubling an object in size and keep-on doubling forever, ad-infinitum. Then again take the object but chop it in half and keep-on halving forever, ad-infinitum. In both directions a stage will be reached where our human dimensions of length, width, depth, space and time become irrelevant. The unfathomable universe makes our planet but a tiny speck; and our lifespans relatively of miniscule duration. The universe and life are abstracts, we know they are facts but their dimensions are as yet beyond our comprehension.

Science has shown that living matter has been on this planet for some time, has wondered where life came from; a primordial soup is being researched. Where does life come from and disappear to?

For some years after retiring we had a sheep stud that produced annually at least one set of quads. My repeated observations of such birthing and dying, naturally or by euthanasia has made me realise that being-alive and having-life are two different stages. The organ transplant procedures confirm that fact . May this suffice to say: forget arguing about gods, concentrate on the universe and on life. Criticise religions through meaningful discussion; foster sound moral behaviour.

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