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Comment 12 by SpirituallyAtheist :

I suppose that believing myths also has to do with the company you keep. Hence the popular atheist myths that "religion is evil," "raising kids as religious is child abuse," "you can't be a good scientist and religious," etc.

Let's look at these "myths" individually:

  • "religion is evil" - have you read the Old Testament?

  • "raising kids as religious is child abuse" - raising kids with a fear of eternal damnation is child abuse.

  • "you can't be a good scientist and religious" - can you imagine a geologist who is also a YEC? Would you trust his/her findings? Would you publish his/her findings?

  • These aren't myths, merely truths you are unwilling to accept.

    Sun, 04 Sep 2011 13:11:00 UTC | #867151