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You are confusing the fact that the religious mind, like the atheist mind, has a natural morality that riles against this for the most part. Christians struggle with this OT God, and so gloss over those bits that are most morally indefensible. Thus their religion excludes such evils.

That's right, they don't analyze all the evidence put forth. Instead they disregard the evidence (which is the evil parts of there religion) and pretend its not there. Its called cherry picking and that's not at all the proper way to build knowledge on a subject. Just because they pretend that is not evil doesn't make it so.

As a scientist you have to look at the evidence presented and not the person presenting it.

That's also correct, but as you have demonstrated above, the religious mind has a tendency to ignore the evidence that doesn't fit with how they want things to be. That's why you won't actually find a YEC that is also a good geologist

Just stating something does not make it so. Can you explain how you came to the conclusion that it is child abuse?

. Not that I need to answer for Tyler, he's more capable then I am, but, telling a child they will burn in hell if they don't commit to a belief without evidence is emotional child abuse.


Nevertheless, the point still stands that atheists are not immune to forming, holding and propagating myths.

Also true, but the "myths" you've selected don't fit the definition. Try again.

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