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Comment 16 by Red Dog :

Have you tried this from a computer outside the US? I ask because its possible to tell that an IP address is coming from outside the US despite what you might enter for your snail mail address. Also, I downloaded this book but I'm not that sure its worth the trouble. Note that the summary says: "...The book examines a broad range of topics in evolutionary biology including the inadequacy of natural selection and adaptation as the only or even the main mode of evolution;..." also, the title of the Preface is "Toward a Postmodern Synthesis of Evolutionary Biology"

This smells very wu to me. But I haven't had a chance to actually read it yet so I could be wrong.

Yes I've did it an hour ago ~ no problem Amazon does not care about the locale of the IP address ~ only your account address. After all you can buy from Amazon on any computer when you're away from home say The Amazon $0.00 invoice was sent to my email inbox so they don't care about that either

I haven't 'opened' the book yet, but if it's woo that will be interesting anyway ~ find out what 'they' are saying

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