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If you were going to be stranded in the wilderness and you could only take one book with you what woud it be?

Never underestimate the uses of the Buybull. A good Scout should know the Scout's Handbook cover-to-cover. The Buybull's thin paper means it is far better tinder and will go a lot further than the handbook. The thin paper of the Buybull means it is less painful to wipe one's arse with, the thin paper means it is better for making roll-ups with, for those that partake, the Buybull's thin pages make it ideal for replacing the insulation in a damaged sleeping bag.......some other handy uses can be found course one could always read it around the camp fire of an evening, it is quite entertaining and some of the stories are that ridiculous everyone will end pissing themselves laughing and it's ghost stories aren't bad for scaring the shite out of the younger troop members too.

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