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I too had a blast fifty years ago as a scout and was or am an Eagle Scout. My non believeing Dad and his intellectual fellow fathers, not all were non believers but they were not religious, where the Scoutmasters and governing board of the troop. Most non religious white families just did their own thing and did not rock the boat like folks do today. These were the days were a California woman did not own her paycheck, her father, brother, or husband did. I can't remember any racially integrated troops either. Looking back I guess the troop adults were rather chummy in keeping the religious and para military parents out. Some troops were very religious being church sponsored or run like a para military organization, but there were also many with a secular focus that gave lip service to belief.

For my Eagle badge, my Dad would take me to a liberal protestant church, "so I could make my own choice about religion", which seems sneaky now but taught a good lesson in religious hypocrasy. Dad had enough of religion when I was too old for the program. My mom would only go to a few social events or church plays but attended all the functions with scouting that women could go to.

At Scoutarama, the gathering of all scouts in a region, our troop really stood out as different, at attention we looked like F Troop, but for those few years we produced more Eagle Scouts than any troop in California, and scouts had to go to the regional center to be interviewed by adults out side our troop. For me scouting was the troop, not the big organization.

I like women more than men, but my first boy friend in college got my Eagle badge.

Like so many great things for kids, the Christian right has to destroy it to control it.

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