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For Adventists, Scouts, Guides, etc just aren't Christian enough. They have their own youth groups called Pathfinders. I find it hard to see how one could be a non-Christian Scout or a non-Adventist Pathfinder. And that's why none of these organisations ought to have any government support. They're religious groups. End of.

In Australia there is no government support for Pathfinders.

I started an facebook page for us Atheist, Agnostic, and Free Thinker Scouts. I created this page so we can unite as one and hope to influence the BSA to end their discrimination against non-believers and homosexuals. I would like some members to post their experiences as a scout.

I love the Boy Scouts. I had wonderful experiences and I would love to send my future boys into the program. Until the BSA changes their position my family will not support the BSA.

Why not start your own group if you're not happy with the rules of another?

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