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Comment 12 by Quine :

Do the Scouts take Jews or Muslims? How about Pastafarians?

I think it is any sort of theism. But probably only the official ones. I don't think they hand out pasta badge. According to wiki

In contrast to the Christian-only Boys' Brigade, which started two decades earlier, Robert Baden-Powell founded the Scout movement as a youth organisation (with boys as 'Scouts' and girls as 'Guides'), which was independent of any single faith or religion, yet still held that spirituality and a belief in a higher power were key to the development of young people.

They seem to have a big dose of homophobia as well

and they are good place for getting abused if you're not Catholic and don't have any other opportunities

Glad my kids were never interested.

That said there is a really interesting article here by a 91 year old ex scout who escaped from Auschwitz. The Nazis locked up the Polish scouts as they thought they might form some kind of resistance. These guys drove out of the camp in fake uniforms in the commandants car. Amazing story.


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