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I believe that the universe operates solely via unintelligent forces and processes.

I believe that religions are man-made, without divine input.

I believe that when you pray, you are talking to yourself; that miracles don't happen; and that when our brains die, we will never experience anything again.

In over 20 years, I have not become aware of any reason to doubt these beliefs.

I leave "gods" out of those primary statements to avoid futile arguments about what "god" means. But ... I couldn't expect to justify those beliefs to the satisfaction of someone who believes the opposite.

Why use the word "belief"? Doesn't that make me a "believer" too? I am using it in this manner:

"When driving, I believe that if I press the brake pedal the car will slow down and if necessary come to a halt. Sometimes this may be a matter of life and death - my belief is that strong. Belief is what I have confidence to act upon".

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