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I have been SO waiting for this.....started worring that I'd die first (turned 60 this year). Reserved a copy at Amazon the minute I saw it would be out.... Amazon USA. No joy at the release date here across the pond plus no "look inside" option. Totally irritated that the UK and USA covers are different! Watched the wonderful video Richard made about the inside. LOVE IT. CANNOT WAIT!

Bought a copy from Amazon UK too ($28.16 US at today's 9/9/11 exchange rate) and updated my Amazon US pre-order from 1 to 5 to include copies for: local library, 2 sets of grandkids, and husband's sister*

Richard, If I could just get you to sign that UK copy, I will make sure my Will stipulates that my skeleton (after research use of remains is compleated) be donated to an educational organization for display, provided said bones are positioned as if reading the book.

  • Husband's sister: She sent us that horrid Mel Gibson movie for Christmas a couple of years ago. She's a devouted Christian and I love her ver much. She know's I'm an atheist and has given up any attempt to convert. Now we have agreed to discust "ist"."Ist" appears to be some kind of common denominator in the words "theist" and "atheist". Having gotten that agreement, Richard's book sounds like an ideal opportunity to open a discussion on the nature of "ist" or "Ist", depending upon one's preference. One step at a time.
  • YEEE-HAW!!!

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