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Muldanian Realize there is a distinction between reason and emotions. I think this is the source of your current tension and anxiety. I went through the process many years ago and I can only say what worked for me. I also do not believe in mythological or anthropomorphic gods but look around you. You, others and all things exist within "all that is" i.e. ATI. What were the odds that life would emerge and evolve and result in you and me, others? It is a marvel and the beauty all around us is inspiring. ATI to me is the real and only "god." ATI has all power, is everywhere, and changes within it long ago have resulted in our lives. We are lucky beings.

I watched the full moon this evening on the sky. It was magnificent and felt I was somehow part of it. It was a beautiful thing to behold. Peak experiences like that continue to add something mystical in my life and I do not need the gods of religion. ATI is greater than them. It is real and you do not have to believe it, just open your eyes and see.

I love science and physics and I write articles on themes that interest me. At the same time the book of physics is not complete. We have made strides in understanding the origin of life and its evolution but in my opinion it is also incomplete. ATI's chance factors and physics gave us this life ... maybe some other such unknown factors might give us more. Maybe not, but hope does not have to die. In the meantime what is here is well worth the human walk and explorations on the trail are also interesting. The things that get our attention beckon our study. Everyone will not agree with me but it doesn't matter. I have found a balance between the inner scientist (reason & observation) and mystic (intuition and emotion) within.

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