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Since you've posted your question on an atheist message board, I'm sure you're prepared to hear that reality is infinitely better than a bunch of made up fairytales. But I don't see how anyone who's clever enough to have realized the Sky God is complete nonsense could derive any real or lasting comfort from religion anyway.

Also I don't understand why it is you say you have no "hope." Is there nothing in your life that makes you happy -- no hobbies, pets, friends, family, work, interests, treasured possessions? These things don't depend on the existence of the Sky God to add pleasure and meaning to your life.

But if you need a way to neutralize the terror of death which everyone at some point feels, remember the only thing you will ever be conscious of is life itself. Just as you have no experience of the time before you were born, you will never be aware of the time after you die. In that particular sense, you like everyone else will never actually be dead.

I hope these words help.

Tue, 13 Sep 2011 13:44:30 UTC | #870316