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I understand you problem.

I was not only a Christian but am a graduate of an Evangelical Bble College and a Theological Seminary.

I used to preach, teach Sunday school and have unfortunately 'led people to Christ.'

Jesus literally WAS my life, and religion IS my biggest interest.

But, if it doesn't appear to be true, then it doesn't appear to be true.

Now I'm a Humanist.

This is my SUGGESTION:

You remeber the teaching about being 'content with what God has given you' or 'being content in Christ' (?)

Re-apply it, be content with what God hasn't given you, be content that he failed to exist or provide good answers. Be content that religion is something other than truth.

Once you're content with what religion is not, you'll be able to figure out what place if any it will retain in your life.

Here are a couple of links you MAY like &

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