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I don't know if similar has already been said but I offer this:

  1. Determine what things that you got out of your belief in a god that were so compelling.

  2. Assess which of these things you can honestly live happily without.

  3. Of the things remaining, you'll find that all of them, save a sense of certainty, can be had without the supernatural baggage inherent in any fictional belief.

Confidence can replace certainty well enough. Community can be had rather easily; hell, you've found one here! The advances in science and the countless secular projects being advanced for the good of all mankind can give you hope for the future, and for immortality if you're bold enough to consider longevity research or even cryonics, a la Alcor. And devoting yourself to one of these projects, or your own, can give you a sense of purpose more real than any deific calling. Anyone on these forums can help you find more to love about life, if you ask.

Proximate meaning may seem faintly-hued in the shadow of discarded ultimate meaning, but it shines with a light of truth that brightens as the falsehoods which obscured it fade away in time.

Sorry. Waxed poetic there for a moment.

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