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Comment 14 by Nunbeliever :

.... The future is not looking bright. Yes, we have superior cognitive and intellectual skills compared to all other animals on this planet. But when it comes to wisdom and self-awareness we are no better than any random baboon .... Imagine a married man with two kids an enormous mortage and a wife who stays home with the kids who is on a business trip and meets a gorgeous woman in the hotel lobby bar. He knows it's a really bad idea to follow the woman to her room. He repeats the words "don't do it, don't do it, don't do it" like a mantra in his head, but to no success. Eventually he gives in to his emotions...

There is a contrast between the potential of collective wisdom and the strength of biological urges!

Science is now the product of collective wisdom, and demonstrates our incredible potential. Education, and open discussion (for example on the web), can give each generation more access to all sorts of collective wisdom. That is something that random baboons can't match.

The above article is precisely about doing this for the next generation. If we can survive for a few more generations, I think the future is looking bright.

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