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Comment 7 by Steve Zara :

I do feel I have to defend the "no gods exist" position! I know it is not widespread, but I also know I'm not alone in having that hard atheist position. Whether or not gods can exist depends on the definitions of the term, and I think it's not unreasonable to insist that the supernatural avatars of aspects of Nature (which includes the Abrahamic God) are truly impossible beings, even if only because their invention was at a time when Nature was thought to be very different from what we understand it to be today. Such gods are not just beyond evidence, but beyond reason and beyond possibility.

For those reasons, I adopt a more positive position which pretty well leaves gods out of the equation, as being irrelevant once their obvious idiocies are filtered out:

  • I believe that the universe operates solely via unintelligent forces and processes.

  • I believe that religions are man-made, without divine input.

  • I believe that when you pray, you are talking to yourself; that miracles don't happen; and that when our brains die, we will never experience anything again.

  • It enables me to side-step futile diversions about the nature of any particular god.

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