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No, war is brought when one nation attacks another. The end. It's not hard to understand, at all.

Then I suppose the Civil War wasn't a war.

Again, AQ is not, was not a nation, for the reading impaired.

No kidding?

It wasn't sarcasm, you are just hedging.

Yes it was.

I would have listened to the most intelligent people, who were routinely ignored and continue to be ignored. First and foremost, I wouldn't make the wild assumption that I know more than those people. Just the same as a scientist would allow the most qualified person in any particular field, speak on the topic, which they aren't fully competent to speak on. It's subtle, maybe that's why you dislike it so much. It isn't a knee-jerk reaction, like grabbing the wheel and driving us off a fucking cliff, or attacking the wrong country.

You still haven't described the course of action America should have taken.

Remember, we attacked Iraq in the wake of 9/11 and not Afghanistan and Pakistan? Again, subtle points.....

We didn't attack Afghanistan after 9/11? Are you sure?

I expressed my disdain for anyone who thinks they could capture and comprehend the state of a City the size of NY, yes those people are ALL stupid and I ridicule them all, you included.

No, you just made a really sarcastic comment about my statement about the overall tone of the city being somber that weekend (which it was).

No, you would need to have supernatural powers, that's why I think the notion is stupid. I'm pretty sure no one is reading what you are saying and nodding their heads. Continue if you must, but you're only going to make things worse for yourself.

I always get a good laugh from internet pedants such as yourself. Keep it up.

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