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Hmm... a couple of Christians (Catholics in this case) are now saying that we as atheist are dangerous because we're turning people away from what is perceived right in the eyes of the church?

Well, they are Christians and that is to be expected. The fact that they are ignoring willfully the facts that science reveals about existence that contradicts faith of course doesn't factor into the argument.

Now that all religions should unite against us? That is hilarious.

This same Catholic church that punished and exiled non believers, pagans, and anyone who worshiped differently from them now wants an audience with the other faiths to unite against the atheist threat? They don't exactly play well with others when it comes to other faiths.

And do what exactly? Have a mass of theistic beliefs get disproven by lack of evidence simultaneously?

This man just sounds like he's pissed because it's not cool to Catholic.

But for the record, I'd love to be in the leather chair having that atheist chat.

Sat, 17 Sep 2011 18:28:57 UTC | #871969