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I see myself as a man of doubt. (Frank Skinner)

Interesting. This man does not have a clue about Catholic orthodoxy. Indeed, to say doubt is essentially a core identifying principle (I am a man of doubt), well, those words make him a heretic.

d. Doubts concerning any article of faith should at once be banished from our minds; for if they are voluntary and deliberately consented to, they are grave sins. Willfully to doubt what God has revealed , is to call into question the Divine truthfulness, is really formal heresy, or if it embraces the fundamental truths of faith, apostasy. (Catholic Morality Fr. John Laux, MA A Course in Religion Book III pp. 56-57)

And that the Archbishop of Canterbury did not bring up Cardinal Newman's Apologia pro Vita Sua pp.239 whereby doubt and difficulty are distinguished, is suspicious.


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