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No, dipshit. Atheists are the extreme doubters. Not those with no doubt, like fundamentalists!

As if you had the doubters (regular religious people) and then the extreme non-doubters (non-skeptics) and those are both atheists (those who are most skeptic and doubt religion the most) and then religious fundamentalists (Those who don't doubt religion at all). YEAH, the more religious you are the less doubtful you are about your own religion, but just casually accepting the tenets means you're more doubtful than those, who reject it altogether? Hrmmmm, care to explain?????

Again, more Orwellian double speak/think. Can religious people be more 1984? There's a book he can read, like the cool kids. Read some Orwell, then you might understand a little of your own religion better.

A Catholic comedian????? That's an oxymoron. Most of the world's obvious comedic material is material dealing with how idiotic and funny Catholics are....

It's incredible that this is an actual article. It kept seeming like there was going to be a punchline toward then end..... Then there wasn't.

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