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The scientific method is new and carries information and testing over time and over culture. The capacity for thinking in a scientific way is not wired into us like the capacity to learn a language. As we become a primate that lives in urban herds there could be selection for individuals who think in a critical fashion.

Stories or information that goes along with the folkways is easier to understand. Critical thinking takes work and takes an environment that appreciates that.

How different classes discipline children is a clue, I can't remember the study or if it is still used, pointed to spanking as being used more the less resources the parents had and reasoning with children became more important up the economic/education scale. If your world view is getting a job, keep your nose to the grindstone, and don't make waves, you are not going to promote questioning or non practical explorations in your children. Not being different is a virtue, whereas being a creative studious sort is reinforced were there is the prospect of work and status requiring thinking to achieve.

The real answer to the question is the principals of salesmanship and advertising. In the 60's in high school a teacher asked us what was the difference between different brands of table salt. None, it was all about the packaging.

Khrushchev may have asked Nixon this question.

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