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The Bible can be found in the Non Fiction part of my local library and on the non fiction shelves of local bookstores. I don't know it's Douai classification but I suspect it's non fiction. There are over 3 billion people who believe in the Bibles' Old Testament and close to 2 billion of these believe in the New Testament.

Advertising persuades nearly everybody of almost anything.

Science is hard.

A few years before I became an atheist (at age 15-16) I saw a fiery ball drop from the sky, bounce off the roof of a house and then disappear. I was about 1.5 miles away. My first thought was (part of) a burning plane but there was no wreckage and no obvious damage to the house.

I asked my Science teacher a few days later what it might have been. He suggested I look up ball lightning in a dictionary. I would probably have believed him but looking it up was proof enough for me.

You see, I never found anything in the Bible I could believe, even though (almost) all my teachers were christian. The Dictionary had entries for many things I could easily test/verify myself so gave me confidence about the rest.

Nowadays the mass media (and of course advertisers) decide what is truth and fact and most people watch TV and read comics and tabloids which typically support their religious beliefs.

Anyway, fewer people are taking Science these days and facts and real truth are a moving picture.

I bet there are even "proper" Dictionaries nowadays with all popular/paid for answers.


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