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I think the willingness on behalf of the idiot to believe nonsense stems from the idiot's desire to obtain secret/special knowledge which will only be delivered by another idiot, as he/she will neglect to investigate anything beyond what is seen on tevevision.

Homeopathy, religion, ghosts, 2012 apocalypse, psychics etc are all memes which get passed around gullible minds like wildfire.

The idiot tribe LOVE to shamelessly advocate nonsense to annoy the smart tribe. In the process they fool themselves, and will never understand the plausible explanation anyway.

The dumb tribe don't understand that to be a good skeptic, you need to be a thorough skeptic, not just be skeptical of things in general without thoroughly investigating both sides.

I know exactly how the OP feels here. I get drinven nuts by my girlfriends Mother, who believes all of my nonsense list without any basis, other than "I heard of a lady who said..."

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