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How long does it take for recorded history to go from fact to anecdote? E.g. There are already many holocaust deniers only a mere ~60 years on from the event. What about in 500 years?? Or 1000??

Holocaust deniers prefer the term "historical revisionists"....60 years ain't bad, it only took the early Christian writers 20 years to start the revising of their so called events to suit their politics and the revision hasn't stopped since.

But let's look at denial if you like, do you deny that Mohammed rode a flying horse? Do you deny Thor caused thunder with his hammer? Do you deny that Thetans created the Universe? Do you deny that the first man and woman were Ask and Embla? If you do, then why?

There's a new book just released last week, it would suit you right down to the ground, it's entitled "The Magic of Reality" by Richard Dawkins and I can thoroughly recommend it....shouldn't be too much of a struggle to comprehend, it's for kids.

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