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mb1mlw 21 September 2011 1:23PM hy does Richard Dawkins keep one simple truth from children,namley that Darwin did not originate the idea of natural selection?. He knows full well that Darwin and Wallace admitted that both William Charles Wells and Patrick Matthew originated the idea before them. Of the latter's contribution, Darwin said "He clearly saw, however, the full force of the principal of natural selection". Obviously, it is not just creationists who wish to keep children in the dark!

Professor Milton Wainwright at Dept Molecular Biology and Biotechnology,Sheffield University,UK."

From what I gather, Darwin and Wallace did not know of their work, and Wells and Matthew never developed it as did Darwin. Perhaps Dawkins does not mention them in order to avoid over- complicating the text for his child readers,-rather than some devious Machiavellian purpose? Perhaps he should have mentioned that the idea goes back to the ancient Greeks also; Empedocles I believe. (Maybe he did, I do not yet have the book.)

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