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When it comes to anecdotal stories about life arising from a lifeless soup of chemicals, a 'big bang' from nothing starting the universe without cause, all the miracles required to have all the genetic diversity we see around us today having 'evolved' from nothing in only 3.5 billion years, common ancestry being claimed from species that 'appear' to share common genetics, then I realise that any such anecdotes are impossible to test. Then I have to go back to the "probability" that such events might actually have happened. In the case of evolution, this probability is so small that it is zero.

Only a god or an idiot could seriously put the word 'only' in front of 3,5 billion years. And it almost sounds as if you're saying: "evolution might be the right answer if only there was more time!". But since the probability of you being a god is close to zero, i think i can safely say in the words of Tyler Durden: You sir, are an idiot!

Take a look around you. See how much change can arise in species in mere generations and then wonder what might happen in only 3,5billion years.

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