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Comment 11 by raytoman :

A few years before I became an atheist (at age 15-16) I saw a fiery ball drop from the sky, bounce off the roof of a house and then disappear. I was about 1.5 miles away. My first thought was (part of) a burning plane but there was no wreckage and no obvious damage to the house.

I asked my Science teacher a few days later what it might have been. He suggested I look up ball lightning in a dictionary. I would probably have believed him but looking it up was proof enough for me.

It could have also been a small meteorite. They're hitting the earth all the time, you know. You believe me, don't you? Or you could go look up information on expeditions that go to antarctica with the express purpose of finding meteorites because they're easy to spot on top of the snow. And they find lots just by walking around.

The more extraordinary the claim, the more evidence required in order for me to believe you. This is the concept of "Sufficiency", as represented by the "S" in "FiLCHeRS".

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