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Comment 9 by Reginald

The book is not a book on Evolution, space is limited and adding excess baggage will bore youngsters.

I genuinely was interested in the purpose of your comment.

This seems to be a big problem for you.

Yes it is, it matters not who had hat ideas about Evolution prior to Darwin, it is his explanation of the mechanism of natural selection which is the clincher....and what is important for the book, which you would understand if you'd waited to read it before comment.

Are you always this rude?

Pretty much so, it's my barrack room garishness, bit of a rough diamond and most people around here have gotten used to my uncouth dynamic. Now what about your bad manners?

I transferred Prof Wainwright's comment into this section , as I am not subscribed to the Guardian comment section.

If you are going to comment on these pages, it might be prudent to learn the etiquette of block quoting so as to avoid the confusion created above. By placing a "greater than" character as in >, immediately before intended quotation and on the very left hand side of the comments box, it will avoid attacks like that of mine when the quote attacking RD's sincerity looks like you might have made it.

So, it is with that in mind that I apologise for the curtness of my previous posts.

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