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Does there come a point when the barrage of evidence overcomes the misbegotten belief in something merely told as anecdote? 'Anecdotally' I would have to think yes having observed many instances of people's opinions being swayed in favour of the available facts but then I think of those die-hard believers of the mystical who insist on their own personal 'evidence' as being the be all and end all. So insert whatever you wish here, divination, spirits, gods, healing powers and politics et al; and you see the same behaviour patterns.

No! For some no evidence will overcome the mental block. We see "die-hard believers" in many forms, with almost incredible levels of denial of evidence.

I am reminded of a discussion on climate change where a denier dismissed my pasted quote from a Greenland farmer (as evidence that there was farming in Greenland at the present time - refuting a claim there was just snow), as "anecdotal", despite the fact that it was linked to an article in a well respected magazine, about his farm in Greenland together with photographs of the fields, sheep, tractor, hay-bales etc. - This was followed by trolling on for numerous pages of comments still without producing evidence and gratuitously disputing whatever was presented. There then followed the offended, "how rude" (to destroy my vacuous assertions) ploy.

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