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Some of the comments on the Guardian site are excellent and well-informed. I particularly like the one below from a poster called "YourGeneticDestiny" in response to "The scientific evidence supports the Bible's view and people shouldn't be so resistant to that." from another poster .....

Yes. Only the other day I was noting how the gravity, the special theory of relativity, the laws of thermodynamics, the Hubble redshift, cosmic background radiation, radiometric dating of lunar rocks, optical, infra-red, X ray and Gamma ray astronomy, spectroscopy, and mapping of HII regions, biogeographic correlation of the fossil records, morphological similarities between primates, connections between ontogeny and phylogeny and genomic analysis do, if nothing else, prove that a Jewish cosmic zombie, who was his own father can, if you telepathically accept him as your master and pseudosymbolically cannibalistic him, grant you the power of immortality and remove a taint in your soul that has been present in all mankind since the dawn of humanity because a rib-woman, on the advice of a talking serpent, made dinner from a magic tree.

Anyone who denies that is clearly barking mad.


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