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Honestly Kenchimp I think by the time we've developed the materials and procedures to do all those thoings we'll be well into stem cell therapy. But you brought me some food for thought. I honestly wonder if, offered synthetic replacements for my limbs that are super strong or fast or durable etc. etc. Would I not willingly trade in my organic parts? Upgrade myself to a cyborg? I suppose it would depend on the level of mantenance required for the prosthetics but I imagine with synthetic muscles and skin made of carbon nano-tubes, bones of high density light weight ceramic compounds and frictionless liquid joints I imagine those prosthetics would last much longer than my dumpy, natural limbs. However there's also the affect these will have on the body, their susceptibility to electromagnetic interference/radiation power supply etc. All the same I think I'd be on board if viable solutions were found for these problems...I'm gonna go lay Deus ex for a while haha.

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